Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Not so random people we love
Marek was having lots of fun on his baptism day
Grampa............. did you just DO SOMETHING??
Willa (I love to visit) Karl (I have a song), Crystal (life is so good) Marek(I am hiding)
One last cruise around Pelican before the water gets hard

Liz was not a happy horticulturalist This was a "twig" she stuck in the ground about 10 years ago The BEAVER you ask...............? He WON'T BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just us
The 2012 Christmas gang in Omaha
Liz and quality time with Marek

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What would life be like without a Booze Cruise every now and then???
Willa with her two grampa's
Late afternoon soccer game for Ryan Ronnie and Hillary
Chloe Nathan Ryan and Karl chillin

Monday, March 05, 2012

Had a house full of fun this past weekend.

Keeping warm by the fire

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Ryan and I teamed up and celebrated my 66th birthday today. We were competing with the event that never lets anything get in its way(below)!

The Sisters Weekend happened again this year with the Larson girls whoopin it up. Guess who got to cook for these purty ladies!!

Flowers to make the healing go just a little faster from my good friends at Lake Pelican Preservation Society.

Try this recipe I found online for scrambled eggs in a cup. 2eggs, 1oz milk, 3oz shredded sharp cheese, seasoning. Mix it like you mean it, 1 minute in micro on high, take out and stir, then 45 seconds to the finish line. perfect or this recipe is free.

Finished product.

Finally got some snow that was worth shoveling. 8" and just in time for Liz to be the only one eligible for the task.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Liz turned 60
Celebrated all week with:
Date at Charley's on Tuesday
Happy Hour at Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday
Company party on Saturday night early (she won $50 in gift cards)
No Surprize Band at Dempsy's Saturday night late (band payed hb to her too!)
Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Monday, December 26, 2011


His idea of Christmas effort

Her idea of Christmas effort

My favorite(s)

Liz's favorite

Sorting through and gettin em all organized.

Put that camera down...... this girl needs a HUG!!

Just hangin the night before Christmas Eve

Willa riding the white reindeer

Karl entertaining while Jett gets spun and Willa gets amazed once again

This is everyone for our 2011 Christmas in GF
45 degree temp and some bare feet too!

Some went for a walk along the river in GF before Karl and I served our lunch.

Willa catching up and indicating a RIDE would suit her just fine right now

Grandma Liz and the tuckered out Willa

Just hanging out at the Pollards on Christmas morning

This little girl was so good during the service!

Church is over, we are ready for the party

Monday, December 19, 2011

These two went to their company Xmas party will Grandma Liz got to be with Willa and I went over to see what Ryan and Hillary were up to.

Ryan invited me in for what he described as a good time rock and roll floor raising!
We got a good start and now he and Hillary can take it to the finish line in the next few days.

We are slow but we are GOOD!